Good Sleep Strategy Even If Your Partner Snoring

Not a few people complain that they can’t sleep because they hear their partner’s snoring at night. Reporting from the Today page, the “Snooze or Lose” Sleep Survey found that only 33 percent of people said they didn’t experience sleep deprivation due to their partner’s snoring noises at night. So, how do you get a good night’s sleep even though your partner is snoring? Visit to get the answer.

Maybe your partner doesn’t realize that he’s been sleeping while snoring, even to the point of waking you up. Well, actually there are several ways to help him stop snoring, of course it will make you sleep better too. How to?

1. Change sleeping position
Sleeping position lying down or on your back may be the cause of your partner’s sleep snoring. The reason is, this position makes the base of your partner’s tongue pushed to the back of the throat, causing a snoring sound. When your partner starts snoring, give him a gentle poke so that he changes his position to sleep on his side or side. So that you don’t bother having to poke your partner every time you return to the supine position, try placing some pillows on his back. When your partner starts trying to return to the supine position, the pillow will force your partner to sleep on their side. That way, you no longer need to be busy waking up due to the sound of your partner’s snoring.

2. Use earplugs
Earplugs or earplugs are one surefire strategy to deal with a partner who likes to snore. Yes, this tool can help drown out annoying sounds so you can sleep better.

3. Use the help of white noise
White noise is a neutral sound that can “mask” noises that can disturb your sleep. You can feel this white noise from the sound of a fan, blowing air conditioning, playing classical music, or buying a white noise machine to help drown out your partner’s snoring sound.

4. Use the right mattress
Having a partner who snores and an uncomfortable mattress are the two things that disturb sleep the most. So, so that you sleep better, avoid using a spring mattress that can make your spine uncomfortable. a As long as your mattress is comfortable, at least you can more easily get a comfortable sleeping position even though you can still hear the sound of your partner’s snoring.