The True Meaning of Easter  

There are various stories and histories about the origin of this Easter egg. But the most widely narrated is the origin of King Edward’s celebration of Easter eggs in England in the 1300s. On the one hand, there is also history that says that this Easter egg comes from a tradition in the United States, which at Easter is always accompanied by the migration of the flock. So that indirectly the birds leave many eggs in various places. Get the best easter gift idea on

New life, the meaning of this Easter egg can also be a new life according to what the Lord Jesus gave through His crucifixion. Where Christians get the blessing and grace of a new life in God. Christians are no longer ruled by sin but have been won over by the love of God Himself.

The egg is also a symbol of enlightenment because through this egg symbol new life has been given. A new beginning has occurred through the egg which is the symbol of life. God’s blessings and faithful love have led Christians to achieve true victory and provided enlightenment on the path of the eternal promise of salvation in the Bible. Therefore Easter and the three holy days that follow it should be the main reflection for Christians. Because in this day Christians have been set free.

Even though Easter is always happy with the Easter egg tradition with it. The most important thing for Christians is to understand and understand what Easter really means. Including understanding that this event is a great commemoration of the crucifixion of Jesus who has sacrificed on the cross for mankind. Thus, all may find salvation in His name. This is what should be remembered and used as the main core of the spirit in a true Easter celebration.