Safe And Ethical Tips For Choosing A Camping Place When Climbing A Mountain!

Camping with Lightweight backpacking and Camping when climbing a mountain is indeed one of the things that must be done properly. To get the ideal, of course, you have to know several safe and ethical tips when choosing a camping place. The sensation of camping in the jungle hiking trails is quite different from the camping ground. In addition to considering safety and comfort factors, you are also required to prioritize ethics so that you can get the ideal camping place when climbing the mountain

Therefore, you should first consider some safety tips and good ethics in choosing the right camping place when climbing the following mountains!

Look for a relatively flat land contour
Tips for safe and good ethics in choosing a camping site, the first is to look for relatively flat land contours to set up a tent. Also, choose a dry area, because moist soil tends to be a conductor or can be an intermediary for lightning strikes. You should also stay away from gravel and bumpy soil because of plant roots so that the sleeping position in the tent becomes comfortable.

Avoid Areas Exposed to Direct Wind Blows
Next, avoid areas exposed to direct wind gusts. The reason is, that direct wind gusts can cause the tent to be damaged or the frame to break if a storm suddenly occurs.

Therefore, you should avoid areas exposed to direct wind gusts when choosing a place for camping. You can choose a tent area with your back to the peak because usually the wind on the mountain is more often directed from the ridge to the bottom. Also, choose an area around strong trees, near bushes, or other groups of group tents.

It’s better not to be too far from the water source
Water plays an important role in every human activity. Therefore, you should not be too far from the water source when setting up a tent.

This way, you don’t have to walk far to fill the container for clean water supplies. But, the most important thing is to keep the water source clean. Don’t let your presence contaminate the source of clean water that other climbers rely on!

Avoid Valley Bottom or Gorge
In addition to the three factors above, geographical conditions also deserve attention. Therefore, it is best to avoid valley or canyon bottom areas to set up a tent, because the air can be very cold and humid at night.