Practical Tricks To Renovate the kitchen

Are you planning to do renovations in your kitchen? You can call Action 1 Construction and we will help you get your dream kitchen. Funding limitations no longer be an excuse to not change the appearance of a dull kitchen. With a little creativity and effort, you can renovate a kitchen without spending much money. Here are some tips.

1. Color Changing Wall

Re-paint the kitchen walls with bright colours such as white, amber or green to refresh your visual. If you do not want to bother, paint some walls that became dominant in the field of kitchen and keep the rest with the existing colour. Of course, you have to combine the right colours so that the result looks harmonious.

2. Paint Kitchen Cabinets

It is simple that you can do is paint a cabinet or closet in the kitchen. In addition, replacing the cabinet doors using frosted glass (sandblast) is also a solution to enhance the look of the kitchen.

3. Open or shelves Shelves

Add open shelves or shelves on the wall backsplash to put herbs, small potted plants or just an accessory.

4. Decorate the wall backsplash

Pause wall between the kitchen table and closet or fondly called backsplash wall is a part that you can create. Replace wall material or paste the sticker to change the zoom. You can also see other interesting tricks here.

5. Add Accessories

Do not underestimate the decorative elements. Due to the application of proven “paint” a room that does not look monotonous. One way is to put artificial flowers in the corner of the counter, displaying gorgeous patterned plates in display cabinets or replacing window blinds.

6. Decorative lights

Adding a chandelier on the table island in the kitchen is also a powerful way to change the atmosphere of the room. Choose a light armature design according to your kitchen design theme. If the minimalist theme, then selects lamp shaped armature simple as a round or oval.