Install Braces  

Install dental braces is a procedure for installing braces with the aim of tidying up a messy teeth. Behel is a popular term to describe the braces component. In principle, braces are composed of two main components, namely bracket and curved wire or archwire. Both work together to apply the right pressure and voltage constantly, so that the teeth can move in the desired direction and over time the composition of the teeth will become neater. You can visit to learn more.

By installing braces , various dental problems can be resolved, such as malocclusion or messy teeth, tonggos teeth, even the position of the jaw is not normal. Installation of dental braces is an important medical procedure and not only for aesthetic purposes alone. Because the arrangement of teeth that are not in harmony can interfere with the function of the oral cavity and increase the risk of other mouth disease, such as cavities and inflammation of the gums. Installation of braces is usually carried out by an orthodontic dentist, a dentist with a specialization of tooth, mouth and jaw aesthetics.

Types of braces are grouped into several types below:

1. Permanent braces
As the name implies, permanent braces are braces that are installed in teeth. This wire cannot be removed by its users.

2. Braces Removing Tidal
The opposite of permanent braces, tidal braces can be removed by its users. This pair of behel is generally made of acrylic plates that cover the palate and stick to some teeth. This type of braces can usually be removed when the wearer cleans the mouth, swimming, or contact exercise that requires the installation of dental protectors.

3. Functional braces
Functional braces are braces that are installed with the main purpose of correcting the messy or too advanced tooth arrangement by correcting the shape of the jaw.