4 Sources Of Motivation Other Than Motivators

Being a motivator, there is a school, so don’t be surprised if we hear their motivational speeches can make us excited. Life does need motivation, we can get motivation from many sources other than motivators. There are 4 sources of motivation that have accompanied us in carrying out our destiny.

1. In The past, if someone says don’t look back, it seems to me that looking back can motivate me and do better things in the future. The important thing is not to hold grudges with the past, we can compare the past. The past can be a motivation if we manage it well and there are many past experiences that we can use as motivation to be better in the future.

2. Film and Drama, from films there are many things that we can learn and many films that can be an inspiration so that it motivates us to do something good. Family-themed films often make me evaluate myself as a wife and mother. From Korean dramas, I usually get a lot of insight on how to forget about grudges, and from historical films, we learn to recognize various people’s characters and respect other people.

3. Friends experience, the experience of others is a shortcut for fast learning. My friend’s experience is the best motivator because we don’t have to go through the same thing. to be able to conclude. Through the experiences of our friends, we can learn a lot, for example, when a friend decides to divorce from this friend’s story, we can evaluate which part we have to improve, or when a friend chooses to maintain his household, that ability becomes my motivation to survive too, through my friend’s experience I can learn a lot without having to jump right in.

4. Myself, the last motivator is me. There are times when we only survive by relying on ourselves. To make ourselves motivators, we need positive thinking, sometimes other people’s opinions can’t calm us down, there are times when we can survive just because we see ourselves.